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The leader of Ehl-e-Sunnat Moulana Shah Ahmed Noorani presented a private bill in 1974 in the National Assembly of Pakistan. That bill was signed by 28 members of National Assembly and submitted by the opposition leader Moulana Mehmood Mufti.

The ex-prime minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (late) established a special committe of National Assembly, to gave deep thought to the Rubwah Incident and to regulate recommendations for the Qadiani(Ahmedi) dipsute. Mr. Abdul Hafeez Perzada , ex-Minister of Law of Pakistan, presented the bill in the National Assembly from the Government of Pakistan.


The speaker National Assembly Sahab Zada Farooq Ali Khan headed the discussions on Qadiani Dispute in the assembly. Qadiani (Rubwah Group) and Lahori Group presented their muster roll in the special committee for the dispute. In reply to the muster roll from these two groups, Muslims presented their 'Muslim Nation's standpoint' under the team headed by Muhammed Yousuf Banori and inculding members Moulana Muhammed Sharif Jalindhari, Moulana Muhammed Hayat, Moulana Taj Mehmood and Moulana Abdul Raheem Ashar for the reasearch and compilation of the references to be presented during the discussion.

From 5 to 11 August 1974 and from 20th to 21st August 1974 (11 days) Mirza Nasir was cross questioned by the Attorney General Pakistan Yahya Bakhtyar in front of the special comittee in the National Assembly.


Two days 27th and 28th August 1974, Lahori group was cross questioned. Sadar-Uddin, Abdul Manan Umer and Masood Baig presented the Lahori group in the National Assembly's special committe.


On 5th and 6th September 1974, Attorney General of Pakistan Mr. Yahya Bakhtyar presented the conclusion of the discussion on Qadiani Dispute.

Atlast a bill was sent to the National Assembly to implement the recommendations from special committee of National Assembly for the Qadiani Dispute. And it has been come to the end with the conclusion that Qadiani/Lahori Group are against the fundamental belief of Islam that Hazrat Muhammed (peace be upon him) is the last prophet.

June 2002